Services & Information

Services Offered By The Town of Cary

Dust Control

The Town contracts for one to two tanker trucks of Magnesium chloride for application to areas in front of homes on gravel roads. This is usually applied in early summer. If you would prefer not to have the substance applied, please contact a Town board member before May 15th.

Road Washouts

Heavy or prolonged rain may result in culvert washouts or extensive road washing. These situations may occur at any time and without warning. A culvert can plug in minutes if the storm washes branches and grass across the end or into the culvert. If you become aware of a plugged culvert please call a Town board member as soon as possible. We may be able to effect a repair before the road washes out.

Tree Removal

The decision to ask property owners to follow Wisconsin State Statute 86.03 regarding tree removal from the road right-of-way came after  the storms in July 2019. The town had in excess of 112 trees across roads and right-of-ways. The statute states that the trees belong to the property owner and must be placed back on their land. Tree trimming is dangerous at best and multiple trees exert tension on one another when they fall and are entangled. Opening the roads following a storm usually means people are working alone. The Town Board judged the job of cleanup to be too dangerous and too expensive with our limited budget. The Town will continue to open the roads by clearing trees from the driving lanes but the removal of the trees from the right-of-way is the property owners responsibility. The Clerk or a Town Board Member will notify nonresident landowners to remove trees and debris from roadway ditches within 30 days. See the Town of Cary Tree Removal Policy here. 

Building Permits & Important Contact Information

Looking to start a new construction or renovation project in the Town of Cary? Ensure you’re ready to break ground by securing your building permit first. For detailed information on obtaining a permit, personalized assistance, and any related inquiries, please reach out to:

Jean Gansch, Town Clerk
Town of Cary, Wood County, WI
5673 Yetter Road, Pittsville, WI 54466
Phone: 715-884-2962

We’re here to support your projects by providing the necessary permits and guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or for more information.


The current recycling schedule is every three weeks on Wednesday except following a holiday, when it is one day late. The Town contracts with Advanced Disposal (contract number M 3151943) for this service. The telephone number for reporting no service or other problems is 800-262-3101.  


Download Pickup Guidelines
Download Cart Color and Placement
Download Garbage & Recycling Pickup Calendar

At the May 8, 2018 meeting, the Town Board began a contract with Country Disposal for garbage collection for “full-time residences” in the Town. The Town will pay for services at a rate of $8.20 per month during the year, with the annual total to be added to tax bills at year’s end.  This letter offers more information on acceptable containers, time and location of placement, and other details.  Contact information for Country Disposal is Brian Slinkman, 715-423-1262, Pick up in 2019 is occurring on an every-other-week schedule beginning  January 7, 2019. Property owners must notify the treasurer if a rental unit which has been receiving pickup service is vacant. It is also the property owner’s responsibility to notify us when the rental unit is occupied. All residences in the town are on the pickup list unless we notify the vendor. As such you will be charged for the monthly rate when we send your tax statement.


State Statute 893.83 states that the Town has up to three weeks to remove the snow from a storm. Our first priority is to be sure the school bus routes are open. How the town plows is usually storm dependent. If the storm is supposed to be short, the roads will generally be plowed following the storm. If the storm is expected over a longer time, the roads will be plowed during and/or at the end of the storm. The Town of Cary usually has one truck or grader servicing about 34 miles of roads. The grader speed is about five to seven miles per hour (mph).  The truck is able to plow at about 15-20 mph, but the Town cannot use the truck if the roads are not frozen, because the plow will throw the gravel off the road into the ditch. Ice, icy intersections, and slushy roads require different solutions. If there is slush which will freeze, we attempt to plow before the slush sets up. Ice on the roads will usually require sand and salt to make travel safer. Attempts are made to spread sand and salt at driveways and mailboxes as the truck passes – to make it safer for our residents. Areas where the road is icy will also get sand and salt spread. Icy intersections can occur at any time during the winter and the Town tries to keep those areas sanded as needed. We encourage you to drive cautiously on winter roads and to be alert for dangerous situations. If you are aware of unsafe conditions please contact a town board member so we can take appropriate action.

Other Important Information


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides burning and fire danger guidance for Wisconsin residents by county and information is updated on the DNR website at 11 AM daily. Wood County has areas where the DNR regulates burning and areas where it does not.  If you are uncertain what area you are in, please contact the DNR or the Pittsville Fire Station at
715-884-6514. Anyone who plans to burn needs to have a burning permit, which is issued for free 
through the DNR website or by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876). You may also visit an emergency fire warden or DNR office to get a permit in-person.


The Town does not provide emergency services. Residents or visitors should dial 911 for fire, police or medical emergencies. 

Utility Policy

A utility shall obtain a permit from the town before any use or occupancy of town highways is allowed. Download Utility Policy 

Public Safety (non-emergency)

The Pittsville Ambulance Service non-emergency number is

The Wood County Sheriff’s office phone is 715-421-8700.

The Department of Natural Resources office in Wisconsin Rapids phone is 715-421-7800. 


The Town lies within the Pittsville Public School district. District administration office 715-884-6694. 

Postal Services

The Town is served by the Pittsville USPS Office. 
Phone 715-884-2307. 

Lost or Found Pets

The Town of Cary has an arrangement with the Clark County Humane Society to handle the issue of lost or found pets. The Clark County Humane Society website is and the phone number 715-743-4550.  If you find a pet, with no identifying collar or vaccination tags, please note when and where the pet was picked up.  (Try to pinpoint the nearest crossroads). The Town of Cary takes no responsibility for handling found animals. We suggest you call the the shelter to determine how to best handle the situation.

Contact your town official if you have questions or special requests.